.fla's between macs and Pcs

I have a mac and I recently stopped using it and got a PC. I would like to get the .fla to my PC but are .fla’s between macs and pcs different? Can I use a .fla on my PC that was made on a mac? Thanks.

They are the same, but they will try to be difficult when opening.

Save the fla to your hard drive
Open Flash
Select “open”, in your “file” menu. In the popup that launches choose “all files” rather than whatever the default is.
Now you should be able to see the FLA’s that you saved to the hard drive. Open one up, and save it again to the same location.

If you just copy them to the hard drive and then double click on the file, Windows will not know what program to use to open it… you have to open first with flash and then save it for that auto open feature to work.

Thanks sir.