Flash 5 General Preferences missing

Select Show Blank Keyframes to indicate blank keyframes with hollow circles. Any Ideas as to why this option isn’t showing up?

Great board. Its been fun lurking here. The tuts have been immensly helpful. Thanks to you all !

Is that such a big deal ?

ilyaslamasse…No, but it would be nice to see if there is a blank keyframe within the frame. To each his own.!

Well, a blank keyframe within the frame means an empty frame. And that’s exactly what you get in the timeline. What more could you possibly expect ?
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What Pom said. And remember, this is electronic medium where smiles and giggles are hidden. He wasn’t trying to be short with you, Pom is one of the helpful ones here that will help you with anything. Just remember the e-medium we are on is hard as expressions and motive are sometimes hidden. Just think the best… Eh!


Pom; Way alot better. Really nice! Now show me, wil ya, show me how to do that. Pleeeeeeeeeze! I want to be, like, er, well, unh, cool like you and uppy. Nice effects! (Showoff) 0] 0] 0] 0] 0]

It may not be a big deal to someone such as yourself, but it obviously concerned Macromedia to include that option when they said that the option is available to select, outlined in the Using Flash Guide. Simply stated “I” would like to see that option, as it was available under Flash 4.

Phil Jayhan…No offense taken at all! :slight_smile:

Sorry if I sounded rude or anything. It’s true that it used to be available in Flash 4, but so far I’ve never seen it in Flash 5. It’s just that a blank keyframe appears… blank !! No empty circle, no full circle, no alpha, no nothing.

And Fil, thanks for the congratulation, but you should congratulate Upu. But do you mean by that that you didn’t make it ??? even with the tute ? I’ll make one for you if you REALLY can’t do it.

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