Flash 5 loadMovieNum() problem?

I’m just wondering if anyone has come across this problem, or is my version just stuffed.

Something as simple as

on (release) {
loadMovieNum (“puppy.swf”, 1);

Will not work in Mozilla, Opera 6.0, or any of the versions of Netscape. But fine and dandy in Explorer.

Sometimes Netscape displays part of the swf movie, other times it doesn’t show anything.

My testing seems to result in that if I placed the swf file in level0 it does remove the movie that is there, but shows nothing.

Any thoughts?

Well, I’ve done it here :
and it’s works perfectly on my Netscape 6 Navigator (by perfectly, I mean, the way it’s supposed to work, that is to say not perfectly).
Anyway, since you load your movie in level1, there’s no reason why Flash should decide to replace what’s inside you’re level0. Or is there ?

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Yeah, I think my version of Flash 5 is stuffed. Thanks.

I still need help badly. I can get loadMovieNum to work on Explorer. But on Netscape, Opera, or Mozilla, it does not displayed any of the swf files that are called up through the command.

Here is the code I am using.

stop ();
inside = false;
frame = 1;
jump = true;
employ._visible = true;
folio._visible = false;
projects._visible = false;
skills._visible = false;
contact._visible = false;
border._visible = false;

[jump = true] is the variable that tells the level 1 movie to continue.


on (release) {
_root.border._visible = true;
loadMovieNum (“01.swf”, 1);

[_root.border._visible = true & _root.border.gotoAndPlay(2)] tells a hidden clip instance to show itself and play the small tween animation. It’s basically a BIG hidden button above all other level 0 buttons with no ActionScript so only the buttons
on level 1 will be read.

[loadMovieNum (“01.swf”, 1)] just loads in the selected swf file to level 1.

LEVEL 1 TIMELINE - FRAME 1:&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

stop ();
if (_level0._root.jump == true) {
gotoAndStop (2);

[if (_level0._root.jump == true) & gotoAndStop (2)] Tells the move not to display frame 2, unless jump from the level 0 timeline is true. This stops people viewing any of the extra swf files without having to run the main swf file first.

I’ve done a simple loadMovieNum ActionScript in a test swf file, which also fails to work. In the test file, I’v even said load
the new swf in level 0, and when I press the button it works in
Explorer, but in the other three browsers it removes level 0, and displays nothing. As if it’s loading the file, but refuses to show it.

I’ve uploaded the test version which just has a button that says loadMovieNum (“puppy.swf”, 1) at comicsaustralia.com/stuff/loader.html

Can anyone help me?

BTW: _level. does not turn blue like _root. does. Is that a problem?

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I can’t really help you since I’m at school and I don’t have Flash here.
One thing though : _level doesn’t turn blue until you put a number, something like _level0, _level1.
I’m not 100 % positive about that…

If you don’t get an aswer, I’ll try and see your file.

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Yeah, with the level assigned (_level1) it still stays grey. But I’ve done some research and discovered it just might be a quirky bug that sometimes works, and othertimes does not.

I was reading on one board about a guy who had the same problem, only it was explorer which would not read the loadMovieNum () command correctly.

So I’m glad it’s not just me then. :slight_smile:

That’s strange though… I mean, Explorer or Netscape is not supposed to interpret the code in any way, is it ? The just play the darn .swf, and that’s all folks.

Anyway. Have fun with levels.

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Aaron, is that your real name ?

Yes it is my real name.

Can you send me the FLA file… I might have some luck if I can see it in my Flash program.

my email is [email protected]