[Flash 8 AS2 xml]

I have an xml feed generated from our CMS. It sends lot availability to a flash map. The map has some buttons that will change color based on availability. There is also a tooltip that I would like to display 2 more fields that the xml is sending…price and model number. I am not sure how to get this to work when one rolls over each individual lot button

**This is the actionscript in each of the 4 neighborhood frames:
var _xml:XML = new XML();
_xml.ignoreWhite = true;
_xml.onLoad = myLoad;
var child = _xml;

function myLoad(ok)
if (ok == true) {
// for each node in the xml file
var index =0;

	while (index < _xml.firstChild.childNodes.length){
		//var objecttitle = _xml.childNodes[0].childNodes[index].childNodes[0].childnodes[0].nodeValue;
		var objecttitle = _xml.firstChild.childNodes[index].childNodes[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue;

		if (objecttitle.indexOf("Neighborhood1") >= 0){
			var lotnumber = _xml.firstChild.childNodes[index].childNodes[1].childNodes[0].nodeValue;
			var ourstatus = _xml.firstChild.childNodes[index].childNodes[2].childNodes[0].nodeValue;
			[COLOR="Red"]var price = _xml.firstChild.childNodes[index].childNodes[3].childNodes[0].nodeValue;
			var model = _xml.firstChild.childNodes[index].childNodes[4].childNodes[0].nodeValue;[/COLOR]
			var colorful = new Color("_root.Lot" + lotnumber);

			if (ourstatus == "Sold"){
			}else if (ourstatus == "Pending"){


_xml.load(“XMLFeed.aspx?ObjectType=Lot&SortProperty=Lot Number”);

**This dynamic text fields are located in a movieclip located at:

Each Button has an instance name, e.g. “Lot 100”

Here is an example of (not the full) xml:

<Title> Neighborhood1 </Title><LotNumber>1</LotNumber><Status>Pending</Status><Price>$1,100,000</Price><Floorplan>Model A</Floorplan></Lot>
<Title> Neighborhood1 </Title><LotNumber>2</LotNumber><Status>Pending</Status><Price>$1,100,500</Price><Floorplan>Model A</Floorplan></Lot>
<Title> Neighborhood1 </Title><LotNumber>3</LotNumber><Status>Sold</Status><Price>$1,100,000</Price><Floorplan>Model A</Floorplan></Lot>
<Title>Neighborhood2</Title><LotNumber>1</LotNumber><Status>Sold</Status><Price>$1,300,000</Price><Floorplan>Model B</Floorplan></Lot>
<Title> Neighborhood2 </Title><LotNumber>2</LotNumber><Status>Sold</Status><Price>$1,550,000</Price><Floorplan>Model B</Floorplan></Lot>

What do I have to do to get the price and model name into the dynamic text fields in the tooltip whenever one rolls over that unique button.

Thanks in Advance.