Flash 8 BUG?

hello, im having problems with my script and the size of my movie.

here it is:

the size of my movie is 2.7mb, i imported a sound and set its linkage property. the sound file’s size is 5mb, that makes the whole fla size to 7.7MB, the moment i save this movie and view the properties of my fla file, the size changes to a whopping 18.5MB!!!, i deleted the sound file to the movie and then view it again. the size is still 18.5MB, then i imported again the sound. save it and view again the properties of my FLA, then again the size changed to 30.2MB… what is this, A BUG??? thanks…

ooops ))
Try to Save And Compact
And then delete unused library items/
then save it again

if you are imbedding a song file (5mb sound?), try calling it dynamically as an mp3 into a sound object. this will stream the song and not require preloading when viewing the swf.

Try save with a different file name

ive tried to change the filename and the size chnged to its normal size, but again, when i mported the sound, the file size increased dramatically.