Flash 8 cheerleader slide show with fixed height of 400 pixels

Hi, I’m fairly new to using Flash and this is my first post!

I modified one of the Flash slideshows and thought I’d post it here in case others wanted to play with it. Unfortunately I can’t upload the zip as it’s 1,422 KB. Here is the URL if you want to download and play. It has the .FLA, .SWF, .XML, and 10 small JPGs.


Some changes I made:

  1. Removed the preloader. Wasn’t needed. I added static graphics in their place.
  2. Set stage resize to no. I don’t want images resized up.

To use the slideshow change the background static images, change the URL button, change the xml file to point to your files (locally or URL).

Note: To add new images to slideshow I found I like to resize the images in Photoshop to 400 pixels high (the width autosizes) and then save at about 70% to reduce image size.

Note: what I would like to see changed in the slideshow is add an autoscroll button with a variable autoscroll speed that toggles off/on.

Best wishes, Joe Hart
Cary, NC