[Flash 8] need help with variables

As Ive stated in probably every thread ive created I still consider myself a beginner because I dont know all the little syntax quirks yet, so bare with me.
question 1: Is it possible to assign a single variable to a group of objects?
question 1a: If so, will this code work?

onEnterframe = function() {
     songold = "groupvariable"
     songnew = mc.songinfo05};

note: I have tried creating an array but it seems that arrays are simply for data, not object linkage. Maybe my syntax was wrong though…
question 2: Is it possible to have a mouse click that is anywhere but a certain button? something like:

list.button1.on"mouseclickoutside" = function() {
mc.songinfo05 = songold};

Perhaps the way im thinking about it is wrong and there is an easier way to accomplish what I want. So I’ll explain what Im trying to do.

I have 12 different states of an info box on my stage. They are all in in one movie clip instance called songinfo. (Each state is info for a different song)
They are on the same frame but seperate layers. I have the instances named but for now ill just call them songinfo01, songinfo02, etc. I have been trying to have them _alpha fade in and out simultaneously so that at 50% of transition, the new song to display and the old song, are each at 50% alpha.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.