Flash 8 remoting components work on mac but not pc

hello all,

i’ve come unstuck recently trying to use amfphp with flash 8.

Basically a coder i work with used flash 8 and amfphp to build a dynamic flash module. All his traces work fine and all good.

I want to work on it and went to adobe.com and installed the “Macromedia Flash Remoting Components for Flash 8 ActionScript 2.0”.

before i installed i got a runtime error for the mx. classpaths - no surprise.

But now it’s installed i get an error saying the flash can’t find the gateway url

Error opening URL "http://newemcosite.hostingfriends.co.uk/assets/amfphp/gateway.php"

i knwo the gateway is working fine as all of our apple macs return the recordsets. I have tried this on 2 pcs both with the remoting components installed.

deos anybody know what’s going on? i would really appreciate any help.

the as code snippet is:

//_root.myId = 1;
//id_name.text = myName

import mx.remoting.Service;
import mx.remoting.PendingCall;
import mx.rpc.RelayResponder;
import mx.remoting.debug.NetDebug;

//NetDebug initialize();
var myResponder:RelayResponder= new RelayResponder(this,"success", "failure");
var project:Service = new Service("http://newemcosite.hostingfriends.co.uk/assets/amfphp/gateway.php", null, "Project", null, myResponder);
var serviceCall:PendingCall = project.getHomepageProject();

// An array to store the returned service call (returns 4 arrays containing recordsets)
var myData = new Array;

// setup news and press arrays to loop through the returend recordsets
var newsLinks = new Array;
var pressLinks = new Array;

function success(re){}