***HELP! MX2004 AS2.0 Remoting: /flashservices/gateway issues

Hi All,

I’m using Remoting with CFCs and I seem to be having problems connecting to the gateway. I’m using Flash MX2004 with the new remoting components for AS2. I’m viewing my swf via an IP address through the browser.

In the status of the browser (and in the NetConnection Debugger) I can see it’s trying to connect (in the NetConnection Debugger I get “NetConnection.Call.Failed - Error: HTTP Status 405”).

The first thing that’s supposed to happen in my CFC is to send me an email with CFMAIL. This line of the code is never getting reached.

I’ve done remoting before mith MX and the old components and I got that working, but I remember that when I browsed to the gateway url in the browser I would get a blank page (which meant the gateway existed and was working, I believe). Now with MX2004 and the AS2 components, when I try to browse to the gateway I don’t get a blank page but rather I get “Page Cannot Be Found.” I"ve tried adding “/index.cfm” to the end of the gatewayURL and that doesn’t work either.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be going on? Here’s my AS2 remoting code:

// I’ve already added the 2 debugging components to the stage

// Include required class files
import mx.remoting.Service;
import mx.services.Log;
import mx.rpc.RelayResponder;
import mx.remoting.PendingCall;
import mx.remoting.RecordSet;
import mx.rpc.FaultEvent;
import mx.rpc.ResultEvent;
// to use the NetConnection Debugger
import mx.remoting.debug.NetDebug;

// Create “memberloginService” Service Object; Set Gateway URL; Connect to Service
// service name: CFC.memberlogin
var memberloginService:Service = new Service(
“http://<!— ip address goes here —>/flashservices/gateway”, // gatewayURL
new Log(), // Log object, to which debugging messages are sent
“CFC.memberlogin”, // service name
null, // connection parameter
null // responder parameter

// Call the web service "f_MemberLogin()" method
var pc:PendingCall = memberloginService.f_MemberLogin(myObj); // Pending Call object
// Tell the service what methods handle result and fault conditions
pc.responder = new RelayResponder(
	this, // the object that contains the methods that handles the values returned by the service function
	"f_MemberLogin_Result", // the result handler method
	"f_MemberLogin_Fault" // the fault handler method

// Result Event
function f_MemberLogin_Result(result:ResultEvent) {
	// success returned from service
	var resultStr:Object = result.result;
	if (resultStr == 1) {
		// Login Successful.
	else if (resultStr == 0){
		// Login Failed.

// Fault Event
function f_MemberLogin_Fault(fault:FaultEvent) {
	// fault returned from service
	var faultStr:Object = fault.fault.faultstring;

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated - - got a time sensitive project I’ve been struggling with and this issue is holding me back - TIA