Flash & ActionScript noob looking for help, and books?

I’m new to this interesting forum and I’m hoping I can find some help here. I have just started to teach myself Flash and I am looking for a book or online tuts that I can learn ActionScript 3.0 from. So far from looking in my local book store I have found a wealth of literature that would be helpful if I was trying to integrate a Flash site via ActionScript 3.0 with a database, or some other programming intensive application - but sadly, I’m a simple artist, I can make the pretty pictures but cutting code makes my head hurt. I’m looking for something a little simpler to help me with making buttons and basic user interface elements - the hard “code” type stuff I’ll tackle later.

So, any pointers??

Also, could someone point me towards a good resource for the basic elements of ActionScript 3.0?? I am using the Adobe ActionScript Language and Components Reference at the moment but the samples provided go beyond displaying what the simple code elements do, eg: I want to make my button load a web URL, I tracked down that I would need to use the element: NavigateToURL(). But the sample is very confusing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.