Book on actionscript

Im going to get a book on actions script here in a little bit, and I wanted to know should I get a book on “PURE” action script or should I try to find a book that talks about action script in flash? If I get one that is JUST about action script will i on my own be able to implament that into flash?


Actionscript is the scripting language of Flash. It is not used anywhere but within Flash. So the only books there are, are books that use Actionscripting in Flash…(you follow me!?)

Ok, I don’t like repeating myself but it looks like I’m going to have to.

"DONT’T BUY ANY BOOKS!!!" Jubba-2002

Unless you are at the intermediate to advanced stage of actionscripting any of the books out there are pointless, and they won’t be of use to you. You will just end up wasting your money on something that you won’t end up using. To save yourself time, money, and frustration, just look on the web and do any tutorials you can find. Once you do a bunch, do them agian, and again until you understand every part of them. If there is something you don’t understand post here and I guarantee that I, or someone else on the board will be able to help you and will be more than happy to give you any help you need.

I bought a book once, it was useless, so I burned it (ceremonial sort of thing…). Once you get to the intermediate to advanced stage of your knowledge of actionscript, then I suggest the following books…
<table bordercolor=red>
<tr><td>Colin Moock</td><td>Actionscript: the Definative Guide</td></tr>
<tr><td>Friends of Ed</td><td>Flash Math Creativity</td></tr>

These are very good books and there are others, but unless you have a very decent grasp of Actionscript then theres books are useless as well. Doing the tutorials on this site, and any other site on the web will give you a better understanding than any book will because you can post any questions here, and the tutorials are generally (at least on this site) well written. Oh, well…take my advice, or don’t, its up to you, but i’m trying to save you money and have you learn the fastest way possible. Everything that I know how to do has come from this site.

Ive tried doing the tutorials but the thing is this, I want to know what im looking at and what im doing so i can start doing my own code. For instence here is a sample of someone elses code.

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
//Check to see if your mouse is positioned over
// The clip. If it is the scolling stops
if (_root.ins_newsandinfo.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true)) {
this._y = _y

// If your mouse is not position over the clip
// Your news & info clip will scroll
y = 1
this._y -= y
y = y + 3
// You’ll also need to mask the new & info clip
// to give it a true scrolling effect

I want to be able to do this on my own and not have to look at someone elses code, and to do this I need to get a good solid base on Actionscript and exactly what each command, variable and every little thing is. I think a book would help me out tremdiously!!

Ok Jubba after shutting myself up and actully reading what you wrote, I agree with you. Im gonna hold off on buying a book BUT can you tell a site where i can find the commands and get a good base in action scripting??

I thought that too, but I was wrong, a book usually does not help. I believe that most people here will agree with me. Besides, most of the effects you see on the web are just duplicates of someone elses code.

You say you are doing the tutorials, but you aren’t doing them correctly. Do them once thru. Once you are done with that, try to duplicate it without looking at the tutorial, then try to change a few things to see what each part actually does. You will gain an understand. Books are a waste of money. The web is the best and cheapest way to learn. If you want to know what each bit of code does, do it the cheap way and go to and look at their actionscript dictionary.

here is the link to the contents page of the Macromedia Actionscript Dictionary. If you need more help post away and we’ll help all wa can::…iew04.html

I do not agree, dear jubba, first i love reading, second i can dog-ear those books which i keep right next to my desk, so i can look up all i need in no time, also most of the time they come with the source code (download or cd) so you can follow along the explanation while seeing live what the code does…i love my falsh books!!!
I’d wait for on updated version of the Moock-book with the MX addititons; this is definitely THE book to have!

Well, I have bought a few books. But unless they were for advanced actionscripting I found them to be useless. If you are just learning basic actionscripting, then just post here, or use a tutorial and do it over again…why waste $50 to learn how to use getURL or TellTarget, or hitTest…? He just wants foundation knowledge…until you get that knowledge I think books are useless…my opinion, but I know more than a few poeple here agree with me

If you want to buy books and you can afford them, then go ahead… I can see both Jubba’s and Eyez’s points here!
Yep you can learn an awful amount from the net and there are plenty of people about that are willing to advise you…
On the other hand books, well we all know what powers books hold. I’d say a balance of the two is the best, but that’s just my opinion, everyone’s different :wink: