Flash actionscript/php - I need to make a guestbook

I’m here again, sorry. With the kind help of people on these forums I have been able to find out all I have needed to know in the past and now I need to post again and ask for help.

What I need to do is make a simple guest book for a flash site I am making, so people can leave messages at the site. Ok, this is what I think will be involved,

input text fields (obviously) and assorted pieces of actionscript on buttons etc

some php file that I need to send in with my swf and html.

I am fairly certain I am correct about the above. You people helped me get an email form online and now I hope you can help with this - perhaps a tutorial or an unwanted fla/php file so I can see what is going on.

Can you now help me with this? It would be wonderful to know how to do this, although I feel in my heart of hearts that it will be a little more complex than an email form.

A good example of the kind of guestbook I need can be seen at:


Many thanks in advance.