Flash and PHP problems

I am working on my template and it has a small flash applet that collects data from a php file and is suppose to set up the contentPath’s for my Content Loaders.

I have 5 content loaders
Pic1 : Pic2 : Pic3 : Pic4 : Pic5

I have 5 textboxes with variables set
pic1 : pic2 : pic3 : pic4 : pic5

The instance name is just the variable name and an a behind it
pic1a : pic2a : pic3a : pic4a : pic5a

I have the php setup to fill these textboxes.
It does this correctly but when i try to take the instance name and the text value of the dynamic textbox it doesn’t set up the contentPath correctly.

_root.Ctrls.Pic1.contentPath = _root.pic1a.text;

But when I debug it I get
Error opening URL 'file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Admin/Desktop/main/flash/

Even though the variable is set in the textboxes it isn’t giving the variable to the contentPath