Flash and PHP

I have a question about using Flash and PHP. I currently have a web site <a href=http://www.bombsquadgolf.com>BombSquadGolf.com</a>that uses php files to get information from a mySQL database. If you take a look at my homepage you can see what I am refering to. The “Latest Posts” and “Users online” The PHP files pull that information and transfer them to links. My quesiton is…Can Flash read these PHP files, and have the links transfered to a movie just like on my current homepage? Or am I just wasting my time trying to figure this out?

Any help or responses would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi dacubsfann,

Yes flash can read PHP files, personally I don’t know how it all works and I’m not sure if this is what you need but if you go to flashkit from this link


The third one on the list titled “chat web city” goe’s into detail on how this is done ie

perl multiuser script + flash 5 XML + php

all files for local running and test are in the .zip for free

Take a look and see if this helps:bandit:

I personaly, haven’t gotten this to completely work correctly, however, my problems are on the php to mysql side, not on the flash side.

loadVariables(“myphpScript.php”, 0);

will send a call out to the php script and load any variables which it returns to level 0, or the main timeline.

If you’re php scripts are all set up it should be as simple as that to do.

Yep, it will do it, it’s just a question of making sure your PHP is sound.

Mine wasn’t.

It bombed.

Try looking at PHP Builder as well as FlashKit. They’ve got some tutorials on there you might find helpful.

me too no doubt. :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone. I will take a look at these tutorials when I get home from work tonight.


I used the actionscript loadVariables, gave the URL to the php I want to run, and told it to list the variables in a dynamic text boax, but it takes me to the URL instead of loading it into the movie
I followed this example from the Flash help files

loadVariables(“http://www.mySite.com/scripts/high_score.php”, _root.scoreClip, GET);This loads variables from the PHP script called high_score.php into the movie clip instance scoreClip using the GET HTTP method.


You’re saying that the loadVariables() method actually takes you to the php page, rather than loading the variables??

That’s really strange.

I think that you’ll probebly have to send out the FLA.

I’ll take a look if I have to, but I hope one of these other guys will take it… (like I said… I’m still having trouble with the php thing.)

my Email is [email protected]

You know, I kept playing with it last night and messed everything up. Now I cant even get it back to getting error messages again. I give up. Thanks for your help guys.


don’t give up… :slight_smile: 90% of the problems are simple syntax errors. Try recreating it from scratch… you might just have a working version before you know it.

See my problem is I dont have clue what I am doing to be honest with you. I have little Flash and HTML knowledge…PHP, just found out what that was when I downloaded and set up my message board. Thats why in my initial post I was asking if this can even be done. I have learned that Flash can read PHP, but can it read the specific PHP file that I am trying to get the info from? I am going to keep trying because if I can get this to work, I think I can create a pretty smooth menu for my site. With the help you guys I am sure I can get it. :slight_smile: