Flash and Search Engines

I’m designing and building a site for csgclaims.com, and I’m wondering what the situation is with Flash and search engines, especially since as far as I know, a lot of engines are now ignoring META tags…

been looking for info on that myself. If I come across anything interesting or useful I’ll pass it along. I’ll probebly be doing some serious searching this weekend in fact. It’s important for a couple sites I’m working on.

Yeah, I know they’ve added the bookmark thing, so you can use the browser navigation, but I’m not quite sure how Flash ties in with search engines. We’re going to be using RedEye to track things and get statistics feedback, so we need to have this kind of stuff in there. It’s whether it’ll work on a Flash site…

We’re all faced with that same thing… In the last project, I had to just provide as much information as possible in the detection page. I just put a blurb paragraph about the site that contains the same keywords that I would put in the meta. That way a crawler can “find” the content.

I’m not sure how search engines work exactly. But when you publish a flash site, check out the HTML code. There’s a commented entry entitled “text used in the movie” proceeded by words entered in the movie:

<!-- text used in the movie–>
<!–The quick sly fox jumped over the lazy brown dog.–>

This is just a guess but I think this helps the search engine figure out the contents of the flash site.

Hmmm, interesting. That is a good theory rengirl. I never thought about it like that. I always thought it was just there to annoy you. I could never think of a purpose for it.

I still use Meta Tags. Well my site if HTML, but I am working on a Flash layout, and I added Meta Tags to the page that I embedded my movie onto.

That is exactly why that’s there. I still do not know how to have flash load up a section of your site depending upon what it is looking for though.