Flash and the <A href> tag - CSS Question

I really need some help here, please…this project is getting away from me.
I’m trying to do something very simple, but Flash makes it complicated.

If you look at the page here you’ll see exactly what I’m trying to accomplish:

That’s my page, and it works fine in IE…
my problem is that it doesn’t work in any of the other browsers.

Firefox, Netscape and Opera don’t recognize the <href> tag that surrounds the flash file,
and that <href> tag holds the CSS class that makes the image pop on the right.

Normally I wouldn’t even use flash for this but I need the streaming audio capability…
you’ll notice there’s music when you rollover the thumbnails.

Anyway, I’ve tried a bunch of stuff that didn’t work…
a transparent flash file z-indexed overtop a normal html jpg,
among other things.

Now I’m hoping that embedding the css into the flash file may be the answer.
But, I don’t know how to properly embed the class.

Can anyone take a look at this and help me work it out?
It’s really not complicated, I just managed to design myself into a corner that I can’t get out of with tutorials.

P.S. I know this post is light on the specifics, just tell me what you want to see and I’ll post it right away.

Please don’t skip this, I’m really stuck and could use the help.