Flash and XML problem with "\n"

Hi guys I got a problem with creating line breaks in Flash using a xml loaded file.

one of the lines is the xml file looks like this

info = "Name: Kevin /n Age: 20: /n Info: etc… " you get the idea.

The flash code that displays the text looks like this …

newtextField.html = true;
newtextField.htmlText = this.firstChild.attributes.info;
// Note “this” refers to the data that’s loaded.

When I run the program I get “Name: Kevin /n Age: 20: /n Info: etc…” when I actually wanted to get a output of

Name: Kevin
Age: 20:
Info: etc…

So do you see what I mean guys? My problem is getting the “line breaks” to appear and not “/n”.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile: