Line breaks in flash


how do i insert line break in flash 5. I am loading the string from XML file and flash is not recognising
for the new line. I am loading the text into arrays and displaying one by one. Here is one paragraph of text for your reference:

Olga welcomes ______ to ______ of the 10-week language program. She then gives ______ about immigration. Firstly, she advises ______ of their passport, their visa, ______ and ______.
Secondly, Olga says ______ and ______ allthe time. She tells ______ that the second page of the I-20 form has ______. If any students lose ______, the ELP office has ______.
Thirdly, students must ______ with their passports. In fact, the I-94 is ______ American immigration document. This small white card must be shown to ______ or ______ if they ask to see it.
Fourthly, students often get confused ______. Student visas are valid ______. The students must ______ while the visa is valid. If the visa ______ while the students are ______, they will need ______ in order to reenter the USA.

i have put
to get the line breaks, but i am not able to achieve it,

can you solve this


I don’t have flash 5 anymore, but normally /n causes a line break.

you need to have multiline activated in your textfield of course.
maybe you should try to unescape the string

mystring = unescape(mystring)


thank you very much

even i don’t have flash 5, i am using mx and exporting for flash 5. That is the requirement from the client.

i will check that and get back to you

thank you