Flash and XML


I am new with flash and XML. I have been playing a bit with XML, and made my own “Hello world” script. Jeej!

Now I have one question… I want my world to be like world, I mean… bold. How do I do this with XML? I understood that I can’t use other so called nodes in my XML file when typing a value, because it becomes a new node.

This is my XML code:

Hello world!

And this is my Flash AS:

aboutText				= new XML();
aboutText.ignoreWhite 	= true;
timeline 				= this;
baseurl 				= _url.substr(0,_url.lastIndexOf("/")+1);

aboutText.onLoad = function(){
	aboutTag 		= this.firstChild;
	theval.text		= aboutTag.firstChild;

aboutText.load(baseurl + "hello.xml");

I know from PHP that I can use things like str_replace, is there something like it in flash? So I can replace values?

Hope someone has an answer for me,

Bert regards,
Paul Peelen