Flash app that tests connection speed?

Greetings all…

I have seen a couple examples of companies that are using a Flash app to test the connection speed of cable modems, T1 lines, etc…

Do any of you have an idea of how this could be done? Any sites I can visit to see a tutorial of this created?

One example that I have seen is http://www.houston.rr.com/SpeedTest/speedTest.html

How is this built?

any insight would be greatly appreciated.




I don’t know how it’s done but if what u want is the Kbps it’s just a matter of looking at the kb loaded in a second, isn’t it?

I guess what u do is look at how many kb have loaded in all and every second and then work out the average of all of them.



Ps.: I, personally, think that all those stats r bull****. I mean that for instance in the page u r linking to my test says that I load 3140Kb in 23 secs and the Kbps are 1066.
Now, 1066*23= 24518 !!!
No sense, or is it?