Flash AS / Special FX / Sliding Menu Tutorial

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to complete the titled tutorial but I can not get it to work at all!
I’m not very experienced unfortunately.
I dont get any action at all in the preview or the published version…

I was not able to open the provided partial source so I had to build the stage
and the buttons my self (wich was not challenge but…) so Could not see if there are any
actions assigned to them.
orthought there is no mention of such a requirement in the tut.
I’m guessing that the buttons should be calling the “menuslide” function.
but then again, there is a section in the code
that already refferes to the button instances so I’m not sure!?

Second point of doubt:
The code only refferes to dimensions that are set by the movie clips and “mesures” everything by its self, so I made mine in a different size.
could that mess up the functionallity?

I’ve been fiddleing for seven hours now!!
it is beginning to dawn on me the this tutorial may not work in MX…
Could anyone out there put me out of my misery and confirm this?
or point me towards a tutorial for an equal or similar effect in MX…


I would be most greatful for any input.
Cheers to all,