Flash as2 Attaching movieClip to position of mouse click

I used to remember how to do this, but I can’t figure it out. I am creating an axe throwing mini-game. I have a circle called circle_mc. Inside I renamed it again this time to hitTest_btn. So, circle_mc and hitTest_btn. Both same, size shape. hitTest_btn alpha is set to 0.

I have a Hatchet I drew for my cursor. When you move your mouse left and right, the hatchet movies left and right. Still with me? Ok. When I click on the circle, (which I am actually clicking on the hitTest_btn nested inside circle_mc), the cursor is hidden. On the hitTest_btn actions, the cursor is hidden, and THIS is the part I can’t figure out: I need to call a movieClip from the library(hatchet_mc), and I need it to attach to the hitTest_btn whereever you click at. I was able to get the hatchet_mc to attach just fine if I gave the hatchet exact x/y coordinates. I need the hatchet_mc to attach to whereever you click at on the hitTest_btn. Any ideas? Thanks!