Flash, ASP and Databases OH MY!

I am creating a small interface where one can make their own jack-o-lantern. by pressing a series of four buttons on either side of the pumpkin, the user will be able to select eyebrows, eyes, noses and mouths. The user then has the option to print out what they has designed by pressing a PRINT button located at the bottom of the screen.

Here’s where the problem comes in.

I am using the following script on this PRINT button:

on (release){
loadVariablesNum (“MyASP.asp”, 0, “POST”);
getURL (“MyASP.asp”, “_blank”);

This seems to me like this code would work, but Murphy’s Law suggests that it won’t.

This code doesn’t seem to be sending any of the variables to my ASP page and therefore creating an error within the script.

I have tested my ASP script and the database that I am using and have seen that there are no errors within these files.

Here are the many possibilities I have tried:

  • “POST” and “GET” with and without quotations
  • Level/Target variable with and without quotes
  • ASP File name with and without quotes
  • Declaring variable with and without equalling them to 0

I’m running out of ideas and my brain hurts.

If anyone has some insight on this issue, please give me a hand here

Thank you