Flash audio player

hi there,

i’m just wondering, i make a lot of audio players for clients where there are sound clips that people can listen to. it’s not terribly sophisticated, but they work well and people can load the clip, pause it, stop it, replay it, etc. and everyone is happy with them.

however, i want to create my own customized audio players on their sites that have a few more features, like volume and even more importantly, the option to sort of scroll ahead to a certain point in the clip that they want to listen to. is that called “scrub”?

anyway, here’s a link to the type of player i’m talking about, or at least one that has the features i’m talking about. i’m not sure if it’s flash or not, but i’d love to learn how to make one in flash so i could customize the look: http://www.magicandaccident.com/_MH/music.php

any links to tutorials or advice is appreciated!
thanks, denise