Flash based web site

Hi all~

I am creating an entire web site within Flash. Currently, I am loading each page into level 30 in a master swf as the user clicks to the page. I am thinking there is a more efficient way of doing this…

What I want to do is to load each page into their own level (i.e. page 1 loads into level 5, page 2 into level 10, etc.). That way, Flash could just call up the already loaded page and display it rather than have to call it up from the server each time (does that make sense?). The user would get a much faster experience that way.

There are two things about this that have me a bit confused… first of all, how do I display just a single level? The only way I can figure is to use setProperty and set the visibility for all the levels to 0 except for the one I want to display. This seems a bit cumbersome as there are 30 pages in the site and I would have to set visibility for 30 pages for each button.

The second thing is how would I tell flash that a page is already loaded into a level so it doesn’t try to go back to the server to load it again?

I would think these would be standard techniques to do in a Flash based site, yet I can’t seem to find any information about it. Or am I making this overly complex?

Please help, if you can…



If the page is already loaded once, it doesn’t have to load the whole thing all over again the next time s/he views it. I think the files are saved into your computer or something…not sure bout that.

Someone help me out on that one (-: