Flash Button help

ok, im not sure if this topic was mentiond at all but the ? is… I have a button i made in photoshop, and how i set it up was i made 11 buttons and each of them have a opacity of 10%, then 20% for a fade in effect that will be used later on in flash. soo it will go 11 frames, 0-11 with a fade in effect when the button is highlighted… MY ?> is how do i get that to fade out once the mouse lets go, or is taken off the button… I know u can do a reverse effect, but is there anytype of action script or somthing? please need help. example would be www.billybussey.com or [url=“http://www.designchapel.com”]www.designchapel.com and then click the blaugallery, and there buttons do that… thanks cHRIS:luigi:

If I’m not mistaken, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I would make an mc, then have each frame have a mouseover/off animation, and have AS so on mouseover it would go to nextFrame, then on mouseout it would go to the previous frame.

I’ve actually wanted to do this myself, but haven’t gotten around to it.

 on (rollOver) {nextFrame();
 on (rollOut) {prevFrame();

I am attempting this as well and getting stuck at the same place - reversing the animation when the user rolls out of the button. I’ve tried the code above with now luck. Any other ideas?

Oh WOW look what was SO hard to find