Flash button that triggers dynamic url

I am not an advanced html coder but I think this should be feasible…

I am setting up a php page that creates dynamic url links within the html code. The links aren’t always the same. I want to have my FLASH content contain buttons that trigger the browser to go to the specified url that are dynamically created. How do I go about this?

Is there a way FLASH can have the a button, that when is clicked, triggers a variable that I have referenced to a dynamic url and goes there?

I look forward to your help.


sure just load the dynamically created URL as a variable into flash, then use

Just in case you arent sure the way you make a variable able to be loaded by flash in php is something like this
echo “&myVariableName=”.$thePHPCreatedVariable;

then all you have to have in the flash is loadVariables(“myPHPFile.php”, _root);

Excellent! Simple enough too.

Thanks for your help.