How do I set a variable of a button to pass it a URL dynamically from Cold Fusion?

I dont have to concern myself with the Cold Fusion end of things, our CF developer(s)will handle that…

I’ve made some Flash navigational buttons that are to be used on the front end of a very robust Cold Fusion web application.

I cannot hard code the buttons using the getUrl action because the Url will be changing dynamically.

I need to know how to set the variable of a button, so that Cold Fusion can pass it a value for the URL on the fly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Try importing the URL first as a variable first using loadVariablesNum() i.e. get you back-end techie to code a a cfp page that returns the dynamic url in the form redirectURL=‘’. He’ll probably need a variable from you (to decide where to redirect you) which you can append to your loadVariablesNum() with the GET or POST functions. Once you’ve got your url (you’ll need to code a handler that waits for the server to respond or you can use onClipEvent(data){}), you can supply it as an arg to the getUrl() method.