Flash buttons freezing browser

my flash buttons freeze the browser when i try to view the html page. i’ve tried it on different computers and it does the same thing. i used to embed tag to attach the buttons.
it seems like the browser freezes untill the buttons are loaded, then it loads the page. any thoughts?

plz help

Can you show us the .fla?


sure thing–here is the link for it


there are 6 of them just like it

1st thing I’d do (not that this is your problem) is get rid of the nroll = false set on frame one & the nroll = true on rollover. You don’t seem to be actually using the variables anywhere so I say less confusion - get rid of them. The only other problem could be your means of embedding the .swf. I embedded it myself less the variables & the browser (ie) worked just fine. No crashed.

I’ll post my version along with the embedded Html file at members.aol.com/webclickusa/fla
look for your file name.
I hope this helps.

check this page out and see if you can see the problem


Hey, yes that link did crash my browser. It won’t even load. Anyway, if you’d like to email me the htm I can look @ it for you & pinpoint your trouble. In the meantime there’s a 100% no crashing version working for you here:
The .fla is in the fla folder.

Let me know how you make out.

sure, i’ll email you the html file if you could just give me your email address—

thanks for you help

[email protected]