Flash Buttons problem! please help!

Ok ive nearly finished my flash site, but im having a problem with the buttons.
Basically the buttons are movie clips, as i wanted to do more adavnced things which i dont think you can do with buttons.

What i want to happen is when they click on the button (which is a movie clip) It goes to a different scene, for a navigation bar (each scene in the movie is a page on the website). I cant work out how to do thins in a movie clip!!

Here is the code Ive used for the buttons:

this.onEnterFrame = function(){

if(rewind == true){



this.onRollOver = function(){

rewind = false;

this.onRollOut = function(){

rewind = true;


What code could I add to make it go to Scene X on release?

Ill add the .swf and .fla files for the buttons so you know what they look like!