Website navigation / buttons problem

ok im having some problems navigating around my website I am creating.

Basically the “buttons” i am using arent actually button instances, they are movie clips with [color=Red]this.onRelease = function(){ [color=Black]to make them work as buttons, so then I can have more complex buttons. The problem is I dont know how to make it go from the current scene to scene x. here is the code i am using for the first frame of the movie clip, which doesnt work (the target scene name is “home”):

this.onEnterFrame = function(){

if(rewind == true){



this.onRollOver = function(){

rewind = false;

this.onRollOut = function(){

rewind = true;

this.onRelease = function(){

 gotoAndPlay("home", 1);


What am i doing wrong? When i test movie the buttons dont work… can any one help me?