Flash click-through doesn't with input fields, in an iFrame

Hi all,

I’m having some sort of a Flash transparency issue.

Because actual clicking says more then a thousand words; an example first:
This is a ‘reproduction’ of my problem:

I have a transparant flash object, which partially lies on top of a iFrame. Shouldn’t be a problem. I can select text through the transparant parts of the flash movie, on the original website I can click and select radio buttons, no problem(the radio buttons are not in a iFrame).

But the problem is the form input fields cannot be selected through the flash movie! I have scaled the problem down to the iFrame, because when I dont use the iFrame, I can click through the flash movie in the input fields…

unfortunatly it is not an option to not use the iFrame…

It would be great if someone want to help me out a bit…