FLASH CMS website + secured pages

I’m looking for a way to build FLASH websites, which the user will be able to edit and control its content himself. You know, a CMS website, but then totally build in FLASH. I already started Googling on this a bit and came across these 2 things



especially that last one looks interesting, but it does cost a 300 dollars for 1 website, which maybe isn’t that expensive, given it’s apparent completeness and easy to use interface, but I still want to explore other potential possibilities.

What is needed on the website, is the possibility to add text, pictures , videos and extra pages by the user himself. Also, and maybe this is the most important / difficult, there has to be the possibility to make secured pages where the client can view his pictures without downloading them [FONT=Wingdings]à[/FONT] the man that’s needs this website is a photographer that wants to offer his albums to the respective client for which he made the pictures, online. 1 client should be able to watch his pictures on 1 secured page of the site, another client should be able to watch his pics on another secured page of the site, without being able to download them… I hope you know what I mean, I’m sure you know what I mean.

I believe this is possible with FCMSPRO on the flashloaded website (between the keyfeatures list on the website I see: ‘Allows for multiple users with different file upload permissions’ – so I assume that the man will be able to provide costumers a password with which they can watch their pics online, without down- or uploading something themselves?)

Is there someone that can help me on this? Is there anyone that has had some experience with FCMSPRO, Flashcontentmanager or other CMS systems already? I’m curious if I’m going to get out of this. If it will be worth deepening myself in this, or if it will be best to tell the photographer to find someone else for this job.