How would you set it up so clients can update content dynamically? Flash? [renamed]

I have been asked if I could set a page up so that the client can enter pictures/pages on his own…
They want to be able to add/remove pictures and pages as they see fit. I have an intro page; main page and a main picture galery…from the galery you can navigate to 3 sub-pages, each sub page has pictures in it; you click on each picture and a new window appears with a bigger version of the picture.
So you see the cient has to deal with adding 1 picture (small about 75px X 100px), a button to link to a bigger picture; a new window with the larger image (350px X 600px), with a button on this page to link to another adddress.
Can it be done? Or does it have to be done in FLASH and added to the website.

IS IT POSSIBLE???:puzzle:


I have been using a PHP forum with an attachment mod so that they can access and upload .txt files and pictures. The flash files then look in the upload directory.

Thanks for the reply “Ordinathorreur”; unfortunately I think this is a little out of my present skill base! My client would like to basically manipulate the site…by adding/subtracting buttons/pictures/pages…not just uploading new info/picts. I am sure it might be possible to do (IF I WAS A WEBMASTER!!!LOL!!!).

But thanks just the same;

allaKAZAAM :h:

You’r client has to realize that he/she literally cannot do this because they don’t have the ‘skill’ to. They’re gonna need to keep paying you to do it, or hire someone else. :wink: is a simple content management system that will solve your problems or [url=“http://www.midgard-project.orgindex.htm”]\index.htm for a free open source solution to your problem.

you can create the site layout as a template and then they log on and make what changes that they like ( general webchanges ) as for the flash use xml to change things in flash ( create different movie clips that they can load the changes into ) but you are going to have to do alot of work the xml way.

ask them rather to put you on a retainer and then you do the changes for them. Sooner or later you could end up doing more work for them that you can charge for ontop of the retainer