Flash Compression Software!

Hi there,

i wondered if anyone around here at Kirupa forums know of any good Flash Compression program.!!

ive read alot about this particular program called Optimaze! 1.0…

its a little bit too expensive for the budget i was given by my client…so i was wondering if anyone knew of any other alternatives that do pretty much the same thing!!

any advice would really be appreciated!! :thumb:

thnx in advance !! =)

hmm I dont know of any. I own optimaze though and its great. It really does what it claims to and really well.

Have you searched?

I did a quick search and what do you know, the first thing that came up was


about the same price though.

Id just do some more research online and see if you cant find anything else. I wouldnt be surprised if you cant find anything cheaper :-\


does it do anything for non-vector Flash movies?

I mean if I have a swf full of images, will it optimize it to smaller, at the same quality?


optimaze doesnt, it just works with vector schtuff :-
Images, though, could be done in another program like fireworks before importing.

of course…

I was just looking for a bottle w/ a jeannie…


Maybe in version 2! :beam:

… then again maybe not heh … never know :wink:

thnx for the advice senocular !! :thumb:

bye 4 now !! =)