Flash console application - need beta testers

I’ve written a console application for flash / actionscript and I’m looking for some people who’d like to contribute to this little project by beta-testing it.

The console is a standalone AIR application which allows you to:
[]Output trace messages to an external window, without having to be in the dev envirnoment.
]View the application’s object structure, including all public and static variables, constants, fields (getter/setter) and methods.
[*]Monitor the application’s performance (framerate + memory usage)

It’s very easy to use:
To enable application monitoring (fps, memory and object structure):

import nl.threesixty.debug.ApplicationMonitor;

// Create a new ApplicationMonitor instance. The supplied parameter sets the root for the structure tree.
var appMonitor:ApplicationMonitor = new ApplicationMonitor(this);

import nl.threesixty.debug.Debug;

// Send a message to the console.
Debug.write("Hello world"); 

// Send a message with the predefined "error" color (red) to the console.
Debug.write(Debug.ERROR, "Oh noes");

// Send a message with a user defined color to the console.
Debug.write(0xFF00FF, "funky");

I’m planning on releasing this for free, but before I do I’d like to get most of the bugs out. So if you are interested in trying it on, let me know.
Also, if you have any feedback or features you’d like to see in a console like this, let me know!