Flash content mgt issue

Can anyone help? I’ve got problems uploading text into a flash site from a series of text files. The upload works fine into a test page but when i come to transfer the text files into a new folder to upload into the live page the text does not appear. A number of pics that are uploaded at the same time appear fine but no main text is visible. Menu button titles are also uploaded fine - these use the loadVariables function as opposed to LOADVARS method for the main text. Here is an example of the code to upload one piece of text:

wintext.loadTitle = function(){

var loader=new LoadVars();
} else{ 
wintext.createTextField("wTitle1", 10, 0, 0, 200, 20);
wintext.wTitle1.multiline = false;
wintext.wTitle1.wordWrap = false;
wintext.wTitle1.embedFonts = true;

I think the problem might have something to do with creating textfields and the fact that when the site goes live, the actual main swf that uploads the text is itself loaded from an intro swf as opposed to being loaded directly on the test page. Would this be what is causing the problems here? What should i do to fix it? Is it an issue with the path to the txt files needing to be changed because variables are loaded into aswf called by another swf?

Any advice and help greatly appreciated.