Flash CS3, Actionscript 2, Leaderboard help


I am creating a game in flash and I am trying to create a leaderboard of players names and the times that they completed the game in. This is the current code:

finishTime = minutes+":"+seconds+":"+hundredths;
userName.text = username+" completed the quiz in "+finishTime;
userEmail.text = useremail;
view_leader.label = "Leaderboard";
view_leader.onRelease = function() {
 yourname_txt.value = username;
 yourtime_txt.value = finishTime;

What I want is that when the player clicks on the View Leaderboard button, it displays a leaderboard with the top 10 or 12 performers. Their name and time (if good enough) should be displayed at the correct position on the leaderboard.

This current code enters the values into the text fields after the button is clicked, however it constantly over-rides the previous score. i need something that will make all the scores display in a list and then something to sort them into order

Thanks for your help!!