Remembering variables after the application is closed?

Hi all,

I have attached the .fla that I am working on. I understand that it is very basic and does not use class files and so on… but I am just applying the finishing touches so that it actually works.

Inside the quiz movieclip is some code that makes people’s names and scores be entered onto the leaderboard. This works perfectly fine, however when I close the SWF and take the quiz again, the people that were previously on the leaderboard have disapeared!

Is there anyway to make the best people stay on the leaderboard for future uses?

Like I have said, I have attached the .fla but the code that is in question is:

From frame 65 of quiz:;
finishTime = minutes+":"+seconds+":"+hundredths;
userName.text = username+" completed the quiz in "+finishTime;
userEmail.text = useremail;
/*var leaderboardArray:Array = new Array();
leaderboardArray.push(username, finishTime);*/
view_leader.label = "Leaderboard";
view_leader.onRelease = function() {
 yourname_txt.value = username;
 yourtime_txt.value = finishTime;

Then after the button is pressed, from Frame 70:

this.onEnterFrame = function() {
 if (yourtime_txt.text<pos1time_txt.text) {
  pos2time_txt.text = pos1time_txt.text;
  pos2_txt.text = pos1_txt.text;
  pos1time_txt.text = yourtime_txt.text;
  postxt.text = yourname_txt.text;
 } else {
  pos2time_txt.text = yourtime_txt.text;
  pos2_txt.text = yourname_txt.text;

HELP!!! Thanks!

** FLA not attached as it is too large of a file size** Sorry