Flash CS3 + JavaScript popup window help

Hello everyone,

I would really like some help. I’m stuck.

What I’m trying to do is for flash to open up a pop-up window using JavaScript.

following the video tutorial on this page, this is what i’m doing.

I created a button with an instance-name: mapa-btn and the script
i’m using is:


 mapa_btn.onRelease = function(){

Now, on the HTML page where I’m embedding this main swf file where i have this button,
I’m adding the following javascript:

 <script language="JavaScript">

function launch(page){
openwin = this.open(page,"Agencia ABS", "toolar=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,location=no,width=550,

Please help me if Im doing something wrong or if there is a better way to open up
a pop-up window with no menu bar, no scrolls etc…from flash

Thanks so much in advanced for all the help