Flash design needed

I need someone to help me do flash design

My homepage is current ranked number 2 out of 5 million for “flash web design” in google along with some other high rankings for other design terms, number 1 for “multimedia designer” etc

I get inquires all the time about flash design, my problem is that I live in NY USA so I cannot compete that well price wise

So I need a good and cheap designer to work with

You have to be as good if not better then me


Most of you are but I thought I should say that anyway

You need to cheap enough so I can compete with anyone on the internet

Patient enough to deal with picky clients who want multiple revisions

Please you have to have a portfolio of actual working sites

Give me some examples of your work and a ballpark price for

I have a client signed up right now, waiting to see their first draft

she wants

flash/splash front page (not really an intro , just a sort of fade in)
flash navigation

I am certainly interested. What’s your e-mail address?


We’re always looking for work. And let me preface that when I say we I actually mean more than one person. I run a development company and while I do all the coding my partner does the flash work. You can view his portfolio at www.sbiinteractive.com.

I’d be happy to chat with you, shoot me an email at [email protected]
You can get both our contact information at www.gomoba.com

P.S. It’s not about having the lowest price, it’s about providing the best service.

contact me thru my site


its sort of about service but its also a lot about price

why do think templates are being sold every where becasue they are cheap

when someone types “website design” into google they are looking for the best deal on the net

type it in, if you look at the ad bar on the right

there are ads fo website for 199 , 299 , templates for 40.00

these are my competition

Yes I agree templates are being sold everywhere for very cheap, but sites are also getting built for 3-5k everywhere. People want a great design, great service and a great price. You can only do 2 of the three. I would rather do Great work and provide Great service. I emailed you and i’d be interested in chatting.

if you have customers that are buying sites for 3-5 k I will work for you

the only time i get that much for designs is if they are right here in ny and I meet them face to face

my goal is to move to tropical island and get all customers globally from the internet

like here is an example

Name: Miguel Angel Franco
Email: imaga1@hmo.*******
Phone: ******
Website type: commericial
Flash : fullflash
Ecommerce: dontknow
SEO: no
SEO info:
Web hosting: no
purpose: Promote my business

This guy is from Columbia South America and he wants a flash site

do you think he is going to pay 3K for a site? Thats like half year salary in some countries

Well yes. I would be wary of some of those requests. I’ve been part of a pretty elaborate international scam.

And I only build sites in teh 3-5k range. I hire people for the little stuff. I think you have a great resource in your domain name SEO placement.

Good luck with how you proceed.