Flash detect does not work

I’ve use the kirupa tutorial to make an auto-flash-detct system. It does not work on some computers. I think it has something to do with older version browsers. Could this be possible, and if so, what can I do about it?

There is also another problem. I placed a preloader in my swf page. It does not work properly on all computers, while it does work on my and my associates computer.

I haven’t been able to find a solution on te messageboard and i’m going slightly mad.

if you are using Flash 6 player, that is your issue… only 53% of the comps (US) have the player at this time…


I am aware that not everyone has a flash6 player, that is why I used the javascript to detect flash. I thought it sorts users to a flash6 group, who get to see the flash page, and a group without flash6, who get to see another page. In my case a html page with the message “you don’t have flash6 instaled, please click here to download” with a hyperlink to macromedia.com.

So my new question is: does it detect flash or flash6

by the way thanks for your time

well, yes, to be confusing it detects Flash, and sort of Flash 6 :-\

"Now, before we all get excited, there are a couple of issues that we need to consider about the numbers. To date there have been at least three public versions of the FLash 6 player, and each version has been capable of slightly different features. What the numbers do not show is what percentage of the different releases are out there. If your expecting to use some of the newest capabilities of the Flash 6 Player, you will still need to detect the specific version of the player being used. "

quoted from CHris MacGregor (Flazoom.com) & suthor of the Flash Usibility Guide.