Flash Detection and Re-direction Script

Hello all, (this is not david-its his girlie)

I tried the ‘Flash Detection and Re-direction Script’ on this site and it does not work on IE. Does anyone know of a redirection script that works on both IE and netscape.

I believe there is some kind of detection done through flash and a specific meta tag but am not quite sure of how to do that.

Does anyone have any knowledge about this they can share-

Hey Laurie, what tute are you refering to? And I would be surprised if the tute didn’t work with IE…

pom :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you check Colin Moock’s FPI ? I don’t know if there’s a Flash MX detection though… Hm…

I believe that she was refering to this


The problem is… the property called plugIn in internetExplorer is an empty property. IE uses activeX to auto download the plugIn for whatever your viewing. What she is attempting to do is have the IE redirect to another page before it ever attempts to download the plugin.

or something like that.

I will check out the moock link you gave. If anyone knows the best methods for detection/redirection it would be the moock man.

Yep, but I’ve read that it is quite difficult to implement.
But do you want to redirect within Flash or with JS and co?

really it doesn’t matter as long as it prevents the person from being forced to download something that they don’t want. In the end I still see a problem with that. What if the person DOES want to have his activeX download the plugin? That I still don’t have an answer to. I’ll endevor to ask Laurie for clarification on that as soon as I can.