Flash footer problems - loooogan

Hey loooogan,
You don’t have to make an elaborate footer to test it out. Simply create a box in Flash and publish it as an SWF. (make sure you don’t use Flash’s 550 screen size though :slight_smile: ) Test your footer out in this location itself if you want to, and once you get it figured out, you can spend some time and create a really cool one.

cool, thanks



ok, so when u have the movie properties set, u have them set to, 300 widht x 40 height?

come on, work

Feels stupid

OMG YAY, it worked!!! thanks a lot kirupa, ur a great help =)

Check it out

Hi Kirupa! I am from the future!

Talking about old messages! This is the first in the catagory! Ah, traveling back in time… the most ancient post in the Random category!


Ugh… And this is needed because? :slight_smile: hehe

Good question