Looky! I'm testing a flash banner i made!

Does it show?


[swf=“http://www.geocities.com/dbzfan331/Signature2.swf height=200 width=400”][/swf]

I made it my sig!

It’s pretty cool, but you are breaking Kirupas quidelines with the size.

Guidelines for Flash Footers:

Keep the footer size less than 15k

Make sure that your footer is not larger than 300 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall. I know it may be too small, but it really helps keep the layout neat.

Hey dbzfan33 -
LostinBeta is right about that, however I have a suggestion for your footer. It seems like the crosshair doesn’t have a real purpose on the fooer. I think you should eliminate that and make your footer a button to your site. Or, if you really want the crosshair, I’m sure that there is a way to keep it and add the button. That way you don’t have to add the line at the top that says click here.


Opps Sorry i didn’t change it already! I’ll cahnge it now.

And i’ll make it a button. I was testing the custom mouse thing.

I also just realized you put this in the random section. This is supposed to be in the Test Forum section under the Design Forum.

opps! why so many forums?

i thought this went here since it said ‘anything’ in the description.
Can this be one of the possible choices of forums to post?

who cares…move it or something…

The Test Forum says this

Test your Flash footers, icons, pics, and more in this forum instead.