Flash form > Popup window on submit

I have a mailing list form in my flash movie that send his data to a CGI script. What I want to do, is to get the confirmation page (html) to open on a popup window when I submit the flash form.

to submit the informations, I use :

function doSubmit() {
userData = new LoadVars();
userData.adresse = adresse;
userData.type = type.getValue();
userData.send(“Path/to/my/script/mail/mailing.cgi”, “”, “post”) ;

I have already try to use this line with a little JS in the Head of my HTML page :

userData.send(“javascript:NewWindow(‘Path/to/my/script/mail/mailing.cgi’,‘Contact’,‘290’,‘350’,‘no’)”, “”, “post”);

but the data don’t seem to have been sent to my CGI script.

Does anyone ever tried such a thing?