Flash form to php help please!

I see this exact question posted every couple of days… except none of the previous posts help my situation… can someone please please please explain why on earth this code just doesnt work… i’ve tried every tutorial, every forum and every hint i could find… still no luck.

The form is inside a flash site.

the actionscript on the “submit” button is as follows:

on (release) {
url_var = “server_option=”+_root.server_option+"&recipient=" +_root.recipient+"&text1="+text1+"&text2="+text2+" text3="+text3;
getURL(“contact.”+_root.server_option+"?"+url_var, “_blank”, “GET”);
text1 = “your name”;
text2 = “e-mail”;
text3 = “comments”;

and the contact.php form is as follows:

$headers= “From:”.$_GET[‘your_email’]."
$headers.=‘Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1’;
mail($_GET[‘recipient’], $subject, "
<title>Contact letter</title>

</html>" , $headers);
echo (“Your message was successfully sent!”);
resizeTo(300, 300)

I really would not bother you fine people if i hadn’t exausted all avenues. My hosting provider refuses to talk code and only wants to monkey talk me. The mail function is enabled, and they use php 4.4.4

The error i get when i upload the html, swf and php files into the same folder is this:

404 Not Found
The requested URL /ym_site/contact.undefined?server_option=undefined&recipien t=undefined&text1=asdsdf%20sd%20df&text2=df%20gdfg 34%20dfg%20text3=dfg%20dfg%203%20defrg%20df&text1= asdsdf+sd+df&text2=df+gdfg34+dfg+&text3=dfg+dfg+3+ defrg+df&label%5F01=your+name&label%5F02=e%2Dmail& label%5F03=comments&onEnterFrame=%5Btype+Function% 5D&url%5Fvar=server%5Foption%3Dundefined%26recipie nt%3Dundefined%26text1%3Dasdsdf+sd+df%26text2%3Ddf +gdfg34+dfg+text3%3Ddfg+dfg+3+defrg+df does not exist.

I have been up now for 30 hours trying to figure this out and my wife is complaining that my eyes are getting bloodshot. I’ve played with every variation of these codes as i could think of. Changed all the variable names, changed functions from GET to POST, removed the HTML to simplify the php… nothing works… what am i missing?

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.