Flash Forms and Database Integration tutorial

I’m working on that tutorial (Flash Forms and Database Integration) by Digitalosophy, it’s just what i needed.

If I want to test this thing online, I know I need a web host that supports asps, but is there something I can download so that the asp works offline?

stupid newbie question, sorry, i don’t know a thing about asps and database connectivity

sure you need whats called IIS. you can find it in your windows cd. drop the cd in and go to where it says install components.

or you could simply go to www.brinkster.com and set up an account there


hope the tutorial helped

Do u have a link to this tutorial as im intrested in doing something like this.

Sorry guys ive found the tut.

So on this Flash Forms and Database Integration.

I have a var that is buried in flash, and I set it to a new var in the .asp page as follows:
strC1 = Request.Form("_level0.gamer.z0.loc")

That wont work. How do I reference that variable from .asp?

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If you have your form inside a movieclip you would have to make sure you push the varibales inside that movieclip.

ASP won’t understand “_level0.gamer.z0.loc”.

strC1 = Request.Form("variableName"); 

Your flash code would be something like.


So really this is a flash question. Your problem is “scope”. If this doesn’t work either repost here or do a search on the flash forums for “scope”.

Hope that helps


That was a big help.

Your welcome :slight_smile:

As the topic goes on:

I have tried your tutorial on my local computer. However it did not work out. I suspect the problem is with ASP file. I have checked the ASP codes you provided hundred times. No way. I tried this on my local computer in IE. http://localhost/processform.asp and it shows me an error message. However I used another simple ASP file (writing “Hello World!”) onto the screen and it works. In sumary, help me!

Hmm post your files I guess.