Flash forms--Please help!

I created a form in Flash 5. My form consists of 3 input text boxes and a submit button. I used a getURL action to send the variables to an ASP script.

I’ll map out the goal of the form and then the problem that I’m encountering.

Goal: a person enters information into the 3 input boxes and clicks the submit button. I want the variables to be sent to an ASP script that will list the variables in an email and send the email out. This script includes a redirect to a “Thank you page”

Problem: When I click the submit button to test the form, I get the following error message: "Form could not be processed due to the following errors: No referer. "

What am I doing wrong??? :frowning:

Has to be a syntax error in the asp page… I would think… I’m not asp expert mind you… but I usually get errors like that when my backend code is screwed up in some way.