Flash frozen

Hellou all!
I think I’ve come a pretty good way with Flash thanks to many of you and several books, tutorials and patience!
I have a tough time understanding how to link movie clips together so, as many of you might have done in the beginning, I created the first step of my site using goto actions.

After hours of frustration, I came up with something and as soon as I went to test the scene Flash froze… not the computer, just Flash. I restarted my computer, closed programs, opened programs … it just froze and I can’t even see what my new movie clip looks like.

I am starting to think it might be my silly computer but maybe my movie clip is too large?? Is there any way I could show you guys? It doesn’t freeze the whole computer up, just Flash and you just close Flash and it’s gone… I really don’t know what’s up so gimme your suggestions! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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There are a few things that can do this. Even gotoAndPlay commands. The flash interpreter can only move the play head around so much before it gets bogged down.

Question though… did you get any sort of error saying “A script is causing Flash to run slowly, do you wish to continue running scripts in this viewer” or something like that? Usually that’s a good sign that something can be fixed.

I guess… if you like you can send the FLA to me… I’ll take a look at it.
[email protected]
Provide with it a breif explination of what’s wrong… I get a lot of emails. :slight_smile:

I sent you the fla by mail
and I did forget to tell you, no, I’m not receiving any errors :slight_smile:

I forgot to tell you too… I need it in Flash 5.0 format. I don’t have MX yet. Hold off on that though… it may be that Jubba or Reni can take a look at it instead as they have MX. I’ll see if I can direct someone to look at this thread.